Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Read To Me,Mom..by Genius Aulad

Kebetulan agaknya aku dijemput menghadiri program chit chat yang di anjurkan Genius Aulad.Program tu diadakan masa yang sama dengan kelas Farzeen so ibu-ibu boleh tinggalkan anak2. Actually anak aku dah 4 orang tapi inilah pertama kali aku menghadiri program cam ni.Ok gak untuk tukar2 pendapat dan dengar banyak pengalaman dari ibu-ibu lain.Mehlah baca sikit antara artikel yg ditulis:

Read To Me,Mom..

-Parents often wonder what they can do to help their preschooler be successful reader even before he or she begins to read,sometimes resorting to fancy computer software and aggressive reading strategies to help give their child a leg up.

- Simple everyday techniques,such as helping a preschooler understand what is being read to him, are a fun,effective and developmentally appropriate springboard for reading success.And reading comprehension and sequencing are two pre-reading skills that preschoolers can practice before they can read themselves.

-Readind comprehension is understanding the meaning of the text.Young readers sometimes become so involved in the process fo sounding out words.They forget to pay attention to what they are reading about!You can help your child learn to focus on what he reads by reviewing what you read together.

-How to practice reading comprehension:

--Wonder Why.When a character does something in a story that is explained later,ask your child why they think the character did it.For example,if you are reading"The Three Billy Goats Gruff".you might ask your child why the troll let the littlest billy goat go over the bridge instead of eating him.As you continue to read,you can see if his guess was correct.

--Notice New Words.When you come across a word your child may not know,stop and ask him what the word means.For example, if you read "There way an enormous crash!"As your child "What does enormous mean?"If he doesn't know,you can explain it to him,then re-read the sentence.This will help him to understand the meaning of what is being read and he will begin to feel more confident asking about words he doesn't know.Building a large vocabulary helps with reading because it's much easier to soung out a word that you know than one you have never heard before.

--Reading Review.Before you read a favorite story over again say,"I remember reading this story" but I don't remember what happens to the pig.Do you"Your child will surely chime in and tell you what happened and practice the important skill of retaining and viewing information.

--Delve into details.After the story is finished.ask a series of questions about the events and characters.For example:Why did the man hide the book?

--To teach your child to love reading.they first have to see that you love reading.Let them see you read often.Let them see that you would rather read the book than watch the movie.If you can train yourself this way.you are well on your way to giving your children a great advantage.

--Remember that your children will eventually become what they put in their minds.It is very, very important that you give them good character building books to read.Try to read them first yourself or at least skim them.Put good,moral things into your child's minds.Thing that will grow their character rather than just feed and dull their senses.Give them real living books to help them form their way of thinking.

Pn.Zaliza ni ada mention yang kita ni sering risau bila tanya anak orang dah tahap dah level 5, 6 lah sedangkan anak kita baru level 4.So jangan risau insyallah anak2 anda akan pandai membaca dengan sendirinya dan berdasarkan pengalaman aku memang betul apa yang dikatakan.

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